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When Spring arrives, it can be tempting to think about pruning your trees to shape them up for the summer months.

Think again.

Pruning trees in Spring can be a costly mistake you could be creating problems rather than good looks!.

The best time for pruning is typically the winter months when trees are dormant. Pruning then is less stressful for the plants. As trees awaken in March and April, pruning can create a number of issues, including:

  • Making trees more susceptible to diseases. Wounds from pruning can make it easy for pathogens to invade.
  • Reducing buds, blooms, and foliage. Pruning new growth often means a sparser response for the season.
  • Changing the long-term shape of the tree. Untimely pruning may stunt growth in some parts of the tree, and accelerate it in others. So you wind up with a tree that looks much different than you might expect.

In addition, pruning done by someone who’s not experienced can result in cuts that are wrong and more injurious to the tree. For example, some pruners may “flush cut” a branch so that the cut is even with the trunk. This inadvertently removes an area of growth called the “branch collar,” which helps the tree heal itself. Also, trimming smaller branches close to the trunk to emphasize end-of-branch growth may result in the tree looking less full. It can also weaken the longer branches.

Of course, there are times when branches will get broken, or grow to interfere with other plants or block movement through the property, requiring pruning at less-than-optimal times.

If you’re concerned about the impact of pruning, a Consulting Arborist can help you determine the best strategies for trimming, even in warmer months. In addition, the arborist can suggest other steps to help ensure long-term tree health.

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Originally posted 2022-04-05 21:51:02.

Originally posted 2022-04-05 21:51:02.