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What does it mean to have a consulting arborist involved in your landscaping project?

It means you have a vision of how your project will thrive—both now and into the future.

Our arborist at Jarvis Tree Experts can give you that extra expertise you need. We can help you plan your project, counsel you on what plants to select, and advise you on the best way to install your trees and shrubs. We’ll also help you understand future maintenance requirements and what you can expect this year, next year, and decades later.

Jarvis Tree Experts works with architects, engineers, government officials, and others to evaluate properties and plan landscaping that provides the best aesthetics within budgets. Our expertise also helps prevent damage from construction, so that new developments or public works projects don’t cause unnecessary problems.

We also consult with insurance companies and homeowners should landscaping be damaged, so that owners can be properly compensated.

We work on projects ranging from simple front & back yards to urban forests. And our arborist’s expertise makes sure things are done right, no matter what the scale.

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