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Now and 25 Years Down The Road.

Planting trees seems simple, but it’s actually a very complex process. Because you need to consider not just how the tree and landscaping will look now, but during the years it will take for it to grow and mature.

This is why having an experienced arborist and professionals who have worked on scores of residential and commercial projects can help you avoid mistakes—and get the best long-term results possible.

With any project, we begin with a discussion of your goals—what type of outdoor space and look you want to achieve. This helps us work with you to select the right plants, which is the critical step. Once you’ve made your selections, we analyze and prep the planting site.

That includes evaluating soil moisture, sunlight, and other factors. We conduct a percolation test to make sure irrigation and drainage will work properly. And we bring the right equipment to do the planting without disrupting the rest of the landscape any more than necessary.

Our analysis of the site and tree ensures that we plant your new tree or trees at the proper height, with enough room between the root ball and soil to allow the roots to transition and provide optimum stability and health.

Jarvis Tree Service takes advantage of the science behind tree planting to give you the healthiest new plants.

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