Georgia Is A Particularly Dangerous Place For Your Plants.
We’ve Seen It All.

Georgia is well known as a tough place for maintaining and preserving trees and shrubs. There are numerous threats common to plants in our area, including:

  • Root rot
  • Foliage diseases
  • Anthracnose disease (which can destroy dogwoods)
  • Phytophthora dieback infections
  • Numerous pests, such as the pine beetle and peachtree borer

And because of our changing climate, diseases can move quickly, doing lots of damage in a big hurry.

Jarvis Tree Experts has seen virtually all the conditions that affect landscaping in our area, and we know how to address them. In many cases, we can identify and treat conditions early, determining if treatment is (a) feasible, and (b) cost effective for the property owner. Once you have this information, you can make sound decisions on how to proceed.

Our trained arborist and professionals can offer specialized services such as managing moisture levels and root pruning that can save plants and avoid costly replantings.

Jarvis Tree Experts are also experienced in helping avoid plant damage due to construction injury, either on finished properties or new commercial or residential developments. This can be vital in keeping trees that can immediately contribute to the property aesthetics. Our specialists can help you plan excavation and construction so you avoid unnecessary injury to shrubs and trees and preserve desired plants.

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