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It seems simple enough. Pick out trees you like at the nursery, take them to your location, and put them into the ground.

But tree planting is a lot more complicated. Trees aren’t static. They grow. They interact with their surroundings. They are susceptible to insects and disease. They can be damaged by digging or changes to nearby environment.

That’s why Jarvis Tree Experts suggests that you work with a consulting arborist when you decide to plant new trees. A consulting arborist is trained to not only look at immediate issues that may affect your planting, but also to consider what happens with your tree five, ten, and 20 years from now.

An arborist also spends time understanding you and what you want to happen with the trees and shrubs on your property. If you need to have varieties that grow and fill out quickly so you can flip the property, an arborist can help. If you plan on living on the property for a long time, then the varieties may change.

The same is true for commercial properties. An arborist can help you create a strategy for landscaping that gives you different levels of maturity as you’re introducing the property, as you’re looking at renovations, and as the property becomes long-term established.

But most importantly, an arborist can help you avoid initial pitfalls that could result in unsightly dead trees and loss of your investment. An arborist does this by:

  • Eliminating poor variety choices
  • Choosing varieties that provide the best fit
  • Choosing the right time of year to plant
  • Selecting the best planting locations
  • Identifying soil issues and amending soil before planting
  • Planting at the right depth
  • Mulching to help hold moisture
  • Providing a maintenance schedule

Arborists have the experience necessary to avoid problems. But more importantly, they know how to guide you during the tree planting process so that you get the outcome you desire.

Which can save you a lot of distress and money. And years of delays in reaching your landscaping goals.

To learn more about how arborists can help with tree planting, click here.

Originally posted 2022-07-26 12:14:13.

Originally posted 2022-07-26 12:14:13.